The Law Firm

The Law Firm Palumbo-Magaudda started in 1988 as a derivation of the Law Firm Associate Martino-Fiertler-Palumbo, established in 1973, among the first in Italy to experiment this form, now widely widespread.

In January 1978 Mr. Carlo Vermiglio came in as a partner, and the old Firm adopted the name of Law Firm Martino-Fiertler-Palumbo-Vermiglio.

At the end of 1980, Mr. Vermiglio left the old firm in order to found his individual Firm, and the Law Firm Martino-Fiertler-Palumbo took on again the original name.

After a period of almost ten years, during which he was engaged in relevant institutional roles , particularly in the Senate and in the Superior Council of Magistracy, Mr. Palumbo took again the profession, founding the present office, together with Mr. Tommaso Magaudda, also professionally trained in the old Law Firm.

Like that the Law Firm Palumbo-Magaudda started, and later, reviving in different form the old partnership, the Firm stably linked with the Associate Law Firm Vermiglio , with whom the Firm today shares the offices in Messina Via Nino Bixio 89.

The Firm always focused his activity on civil matters, with particular reference to the law banking, corporate, bankruptcy, tax and administrative.In recent years developed a specific expertise in the field of the trusts of Common Law..

Some primary Banks are regular customers of the Firm.

The Firm has regular links with leading law firms in Paris, Zurich, New York and Nassau and an office in Rome (Vicolo Scavolino n. 71 - 00187 Rome)


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